God has a fantastic plan and purpose for your life and at Globalheart Leadership College we want to see you fulfill it. Our endeavour and desire is to help every student grow in the life-changing power of God’s word.

We believe in your potential to become a person of influence through developing the God-given gifts within you. We believe ‘all’ believers have a calling and ministry!

Whatever you are gifted to do and whoever you are called to be, we believe Globalheart Leadership College will help practically and spiritually equip you. 

The overall experience you will receive at Globalheart Leadership College will be sound, biblical, inspirational and practical training for life in god’s chosen field for you. Whether you are planning to be involved in full-time ministry, computer technology, sport, business, the finance industry or media, we believe these courses will help to better equip you for great fruitfulness.

There is no greater satisfaction in life than fulfilling God’s will and purpose as outworked through the local church. In line with this, you will also receive practical ministry opportunities through Globalheart Church and your very own local church. We have a great vision for Western Australia, but our vision also stretches out across this nation and to the nations of the world. If you are serious about the call of God, then the challenge is to do something about it!

Speak to us today – as we would love to see you become and achieve all that God has planned for you.

Gerard & Sue Keehan
Senior Pastors of Globalheart Church