Domestic Students

Globalheart Leadership College welcomes students from across Australia.

Students entering the Certificate IV in Ministry will be expected to:

  • Be over the age of 18 years of age (applies to international students only).

  • Have been a practicing Christian for at least 24 months or be able to satisfy the College faculty that they are of equivalent Christian maturity.

  • Have the skills to describe their Christian faith at the level of a basic New Christian's course run by a local church.

  • Possess literacy skills which enable them to construct a body of writing divided appropriately into paragraphs and correctly punctuated, along with the skills which enable the reading of a chapter of the Bible and the ability to summarise its content.

  • Possess numeracy skills required to complete basic arithmetical calculations such as addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.

  • It is expected that all applicants will be actively involved in a local church and that local church involvement will continue if the application is successful.

  • Demonstrate support for entry to the course from the appropriate pastoral oversight from the applicant's local church.

  • Provide a copy of either your passport or birth certificate with your application. Should you hold Permanent Residency we will also require a copy of this.

Previous study, work experience or other evidence of ability to undertake this level of training as detailed by individual applicants will also be taken into consideration.

Students entering the Diploma of Ministry will be expected to:

  • Successfully complete the Certificate IV in Ministry.